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OMEGA League European Region Closed Qualifiers

Closed Qualifiers Dates

Group Stage: August 1 - 7.

Playoffs: August 7 - 9.


As a reminder, there are four Subregional Playoffs planned for the European Open Qualifiers, and two Subregional Finals combined playoff rounds. The top eight contenders - four from each of the two combined Subregional Finals playoffs - will receive slots for the European Closed Qualifiers.

Group stage. The eight teams who will get through the Open Qualifiers will join the eight teams invited directly to the Closed Qualifiers. All sixteen teams will be seeded in four groups of four teams each.

Groups will be played according to the GSL system - with opening series, pairs of winners and losers, and decider matches. 

Match format: best of three (up to two wins). The top two teams in their groups (with 2-0 and 2-1 records) form an eight-team playoff bracket. The teams that took third place will go to Divine Division. Participants who finish the Group Stage last will move to the special Last Chance Group.

Last Chance Group. The four bottom-placed teams in their groups will be brought together to play an extra round of the Group Stage in the familiar GSL system - with opening series, pairs of winners and losers, and decider matches. The top two teams (2-0 and 2-1 records) will also go to the Divine Division. The two losing teams will leave the tournament.

Playoffs. At the end of the Group Stage, the eight best teams will play a single-elimination bracket with matches up to two wins (best of three). The two winners of the semi-finals will go to Immortal Division, all the losers (six participating teams) to Divine Division.


In addition to the eight slots reserved for teams from the Open Qualifiers, the Closed Qualifiers are designed for eight more teams, directly invited:

  • Cyber Legacy

  • B8 

  • Team Unique

  • Team Empire

  • HellRaisers


  • 5men

  • TBD

Thus, the Closed Qualifiers will be a springboard for twelve teams qualifying for Divine Division and two teams that are eligible for Immortal Division.

Open Qualifiers (Total prize pool – $10,000)