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EPICENTER nominated at EUBEA 2016

EPICENTER nominated in Live Entertainment category at EUBEA 2016.

The first installment of our flagship product, EPICENTER: Moscow, has been nominated at EUBEA 2016 in Live Entertainment category. This first-ever $500,000 Dota 2 event which was held in Moscow in May. A combination of massive prize pool, World's best Dota 2 teams, sold-out Crocus City Hall venue, 28 million viewers online, and essentially a global critical acclaim, have lead to being nominated alongside Europe's best:

BMW Group - The next 100 years (BMW Group)

Bringing Britain Closer (British Airways)

Celebrating 325 years of Nolet distilling tradition (The Nolet Distillery & Diageo)

Moscow International Festival Circle of Light (Interregional Cooperation and Tourism of Moscow)

EPICENTER: Moscow (Epic Esports Events)

S7 Lifechanger Park (Samsung France)

The Dilemma (Heineken)

EUBEA is the oldest and one of the most prestigious awards for European events, as well as creative workshops, interactive sessions, and much more, with participants from over 20 European countries.

The event itself will take place in Saint Petersburg on October 13-15th.