Epic Esports Events produces the largest esports events in Eastern Europe and CIS.

Wait, what?

We do EPIC stuff. As in you want to tell your friends about level of epic.

Epic Esports Events (EEE) has been hosting a series of EPICENTER tournaments among the world's top esports players in Moscow and Saint Petersburg since 2016. EPICENTER competitions are watched by tens of millions of viewers around the world, the finals gather stadiums, and the organizers have repeatedly been awarded the prestigious EUBEA, Eventex, MarSpo, BISPO, BEMA and Sport Leaders Awards.

Epic Esports Events also hosts the international "anti-pandemic" OMEGA League and the regular Epic League. In different years, EEE has been and continues to be an organizer of international tournaments for brands: Parimatch League, MegaFon Winter Clash, Adrenaline Cyber League, KFC Battle, etc. EEE is part of ESforce Holding.


esports events hosted since 2013
prize pool at our Majors
30 000
gamers usually participate in our LAN finals
views maximum on our broadcasts
broadcast languages
EPICENTER:MOSCOW Opening ceremony



Yota Arena
Dmitrovskoe highway 27, building 1, Moscow, Russia, 127616
Mark Averbukh
Product Director
Oleh Povar
Sport Director
Konstantin Kezin
Media Manager
Tatiana Denisenkova
Operations Manager